January 23, 2006


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Languages I’ve heard today:

  • German
  • English
  • English with a thick Scottish accent
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

How wonderful. It’d take you a year to hear that many languages in the US.

In other news, after having a bit of a warm streak for the last week, temperatures are cold again. When I left my dorm at 1PM, it was 25 degrees out. That was pretty much the high for the day. I’m hoping the Neckar river will start to freeze over again. Before our warm snap–warm being above freezing–the Neckar was completely frozen over, though it was a very shallow freeze. How nice it would be to see the whole thing frozen. When it gets 8-10cm thick, people can start to ice skate on it…


  1. What part of the States are you from?! Because I assure you, in Chicago, I can hear all those languages within 10 minutes of leaving my house.

    Comment by sbc the muse — February 23, 2006 @ 4:46 pm

  2. North Carolina. I’m sure it’s different living in a city where there are massive immigrant populations. But this was in a small university town.

    Comment by Alex Ravenel — February 23, 2006 @ 8:08 pm

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