About Nach Deutschland

How does this site work?

I redesigned the old gallery into a photoblog using the excellent Pixelpost software. The default view shows you the most recently posted image and allows you to click back, one image at a time, to view my entire portfolio. You can view the archives, and all the images by category, by clicking on the "All Photos" button.

It's important to note that I have decided to no longer make this a portfolio of just my best work. While I will certainly keep a close eye on the quality of images posted, I would like to share images that, while they may not be the most technically perfect, still hold some significance to me.

If you would like a print, please contact me.

About Alex

I am currently a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and have been interested in photography since middle school. Starting out with an old Nikkormat, I soon learned the art of darkroom development and printing and joined the photography program at my high school, which had been taught for the last 30 years by Byron Baldwin, a well known photographer in Charlotte, NC. After two years of this program and Mr. Baldwin's retirement, I continued my photography on my own, branching out into color slide work and eventually digital.

I will be going to Tübingen, Germany to study abroad for a year starting September 2005. I hope to continue taking photos, and hopefully the rich history of Europe, combined with my itch for travel, will provide me with many wonderful photos.